Statements of Income


 (Millions of Yen)
(Millions of Yen)
Net sales85,21883,000
Cost of sales60,86162,276
Gross profit24,35720,724
Selling, general and administrative expenses
Haulage expenses2,5472,178
Provision for product warranties495686
Provision of allowance for doubtful accounts6570
Provision for loss on guarantees13-
Directors' compensations251246
Salaries and allowances1,5501,564
Provision for bonuses3638
Retirement benefit expenses1116
Provision for directors' retirement benefits123
Provision for management board incentive plan trust-17
Other, net2,5592,570
Total selling, general and administrative expenses8,1347,320
Operating income16,22213,404
Non-operating income
Interest income4330
Dividend income431
Surrender Value of Insurance-26
Other, net7750
Total non-operating income126138
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses65
Loss on retirement of non-current assets2925
Foreign exchange losses1,0061,657
Other, net14132
Total non-operating expenses1,0561,820
Ordinary income15,29111,722
Extraordinary income
Gain on sales of investment securities05
Total extraordinary income05
Profit before income taxes15,29211,727
Income taxes-current4,6634,042
Income taxes-deferred920-72
Total income taxes5,5833,969
Profit attributable to owners of parent9,7087,757

(All figures in millions of yen)