IR Policy

Fundamental Policy

Takeuchi Mfg. manages operations with fairness and transparency while disclosing corporate information as needed in a timely and proper manner with the goal of being a company that is trusted by shareholders and other investors.

Disclosure Standard

Takeuchi Mfg. discloses information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Even information not subject to timely disclosure rules is made public if we believe the information is needed for shareholders and other investors to reach investment decisions.

Disclosure Methods

Corporate information to be announced is disclosed by the order of an information manager on the timely disclosure network (TDnet) of the stock exchange. This ensures that the information is accessible in a timely and proper manner. Other information is disclosed using the same timely disclosure guidelines to ensure fairness and speed.

Silent Period

To prevent leaks of information in earnings announcements, there is a silent period for a designated amount of time prior to each earnings announcement. During this period, we will not make any comments or answer questions concerning results of operations. However, a timely announcement will be made if a significant change in a forecast that has already been made public is required during the silent period.