Balance Sheets


 (Millions of Yen)
(Millions of Yen)
Current assets
Cash and deposits20,58024,211
Notes and accounts receivable - trade21,28121,490
Merchandise and finished goods15,97520,159
Work in process1,3461,163
Raw materials and supplies3,0512,283
Deferred tax assets2,6942,647
Other, net2,8121,915
Allowance for doubtful accounts-1,731-1,593
Total current assets66,01072,278
Non-current assets
Property, plant and equipment
Buildings and structures, net5,2085,265
Machinery, equipment and vehicles, net1,4261,484
Tools, furniture and fixtures, net484340
Construction in progress44074
Total property, plant and equipment9,7379,234
Intangible assets812736
Investments and other assets
Investment securities152250
Net defined benefit asset214299
Other, net312308
Allowance for doubtful accounts-24-23
Total investments and other assets655835
Total non-current assets11,20510,806
Total assets77,21683,085
Current liabilities
Notes and accounts payable - trade16,36616,997
Income taxes payable1,5861,324
Provision for bonuses173189
Provision for product warranties1,0581,174
Other, net1,6021,997
Total current liabilities20,78721,683
Non-current liabilities
Deferred tax liabilities872806
Provision for directors' retirement benefits267-
Provision for management board incentive plan trust-17
Provision for loss on guarantees11986
Net defined benefit liability-30
Other, net124379
Total non-current liabilities1,3841,321
Total liabilities22,17223,005
Net assets
Shareholders' equity
Capital stock3,6323,632
Capital surplus3,6313,631
Retained earnings46,64753,327
Treasury shares-3-1,978
Total shareholders' equity53,90758,612
Accumulated other comprehensive income
Valuation difference on available-for-sale securities1026
Foreign currency translation adjustment9311,261
Remeasurements of defined benefit plans194178
Total accumulated other comprehensive income1,1361,467
Total net assets55,04360,080
Total liabilities and net assets77,21683,085

(All figures in millions of yen)